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Since forming in Cambridge in 2019 off the back of a jam session, new alt-rock band Elephant Takedown is a phoenix,
born from the ashes of multiple line-ups and name changes. Months of blood, sweat and silver pennies poured into this project until the boatman was satisfied. Setting sail on their long awaited maiden voyage from the underworld, Elephant Takedown is here to bring their action packed, heavy rock into the world!

Elephant Takedown are a four-man writing force to be reckoned with, each member bringing their unique music taste and flavour to the songwriting process. Initially the band consisted of only two: Alex (Bass/BV’s) and Phil (Lead Guitar/BV’s). Shortly after, Simon (Drums/BV’s) joined the team and then, with a flourish of inappropriate
dance-moves, Ben, (Lead Vocals/Guitar) a 10 foot tall baseball player from Canada completed the line-up.

Drawing inspiration from a very eclectic mix of styles and genres. What started with a likeness to Alter Bridge and
Stone Sour has been drastically transformed by influences like Periphery, Muse, Sum 41 and Rob Zombie.

Recording debut EP: Forked Tongues & False Promises has really brought the band together sonically, delivering a
punchy, modern rock production aesthetic with a quality that distinctly resembles that of great noughties bands like Audioslave and The Killers. The result is a sound that will undoubtedly rock the dust off your speaker system - music that also translates magnificently into a live context, especially when all those BV’s get going!

Now hungry for the live stage, Elephant Takedown are ready to bring their new EP: Forked Tongues & False Hopes to


The four tracks on Forked Tongues & False Hopes were recorded, mixed and mastered at Headline Music Studios in

Cambridge, and released by Headline Records Ltd.

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